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Speaking of their experiences working with Graham Williamson, Figment's Principle Consultant:

"Graham is an extremely dedicated technologist who always goes the extra mile to ensure delivery. His passion and creativity will empower any team to deliver above and beyond their usual level."

"Graham has an impressive breadth of technical skills and interests, not limited to SOA, web application development and OSGi. He also demonstrates a strong creative capability in the solutions he builds. Graham is a fun and cooperative team member who savours a challenge."

"Graham is an excellent architect & developer, very pro-active and able to drive projects forward."

"Graham is an experienced enterprise application developer whom I had the pleasure of working with. He has excellent knowledge about all layers in tiered applications including Web Services, Serivice Oriented Architecture and front end (web and rich client platforms)."

"I've no hesitation in recommending Graham - he has excellent technical skills but what makes him stand out is his commitment to quality and his fantastic client facing skills."

“Graham's strong technical skills and willingness to tackle any issue or task contributed greatly to a number of projects. He consistently demonstrated the ability to work as part of a group or tackle a solo task with a thorough and professional attitude, communicating in a clear and timely manner. These qualities make him an excellent member of any team."

Figment Software offer a complete range of Mean Bean services. As the creators of the Mean Bean Java test library, we are the experts in this field.

Mean Bean

Mean Bean is an open source Java test library that helps you rapidly and reliably test fundamental objects within your software system, namely your domain and data objects. Mean Bean:

  • Tests that the getter and setter method pairs of a JavaBean/POJO function correctly.
  • Verifies that the equals and hashCode methods of a class comply with the Equals Contract and HashCode Contract respectively.
  • Verifies property significance in object equality.
  • Why should I use it?

    Mean Bean helps you rapidly and reliably test fundamental objects within your project, namely your domain and data objects.

    With just a single line of code, you can be confident that your beans are well behaved…

       new BeanTester().testBean(MyDomainObject.class);

    Where do I get it?

    Mean Bean can be downloaded from the official Mean Bean Download page.

    How do I use it?

    Should you need it, a complete User Guide is provided on the official Mean Bean website.

    Mean Bean Training and Support

    Figment offer official Mean Bean support and training via our trained consultants, including:

    • Assistance in integrating Mean Bean into your environment and workflow
    • On-site and virtual training and workshops
    • Evaluation and optimization of Mean Bean usage
    • Prioritized bug fixes
    • Creation of custom Mean Bean extensions
    • And more

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